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Press Start to Continue DLC, 7/8/19

4 months ago

Tonight I got to talk to one of my long time favorite game remixers, Mustin! We had so much to talk about I decided to split the interview up into two parts! Tonight we talk about his new album THEW ORLD ISSQ UARE!

You can buy all of his stuff at the following:


Twitter: @Mustin | FB: mustinmusic | SC: Mustin | Youtube: MustinEnterprisesLLC

Don't forget you can always listen to the FULL UNCUT version of the interview at!

The playlist is marked as follows:

Title by ArtistAlbum (Game)

  • Baby Dreams of Lost Civilizations (OC ReMix) Lemonectric Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Elemental Harmony (OC ReMix) RebeccaETripp Zelda: The Minish Cap
  • Dark World's Prophet (OC ReMix) GLASYS Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Our Destiny (OC ReMix) Forest Elves Final Fantasy 8
  • Tanglesleep (OC ReMix) Mazedude Tangledeep
  • Fearless (OC ReMix) Emunator Donkey Kong Country
  • Ain't No Riddim Like at My Place (OC ReMix) Jorito, tibone, JohnStacy, Cyril the
  • Wolf, katastrophe_owlz, GuitarSVD, Earth Kid, RichGC Final Fantasy
  • Chrono Trigger - From the Bottom (Depths of the Night) Mustin THEW ORLD ISSQ UARE
  • Blue Bomber Forever (OC ReMix) Mustin Mega Man 3
  • Final Fantasy VI - Coin Song Mustin THEW ORLD ISSQ UARE
  • Dr. Wily (Stage 1) [Mega Man 3] The OneUps Volume 4
  • Dire, Dire Docks [Super Mario 64] The OneUps Volume 4
  • Fire Gross Angel
  • Nobody Wants to Hear Your Stupid Theories (featuring Jonny October) The MC Type & Pen Pointz WUF TIX: Scumbag Delirium
  • Katamari Lunchbox Myster Wilson Myster Wilson World EP
  • Cloud Strife (remix) Mega Ran Black Materia: The Remixes
  • F--k You (Cee-lo-fi-mix feat Kurt Canfield) Navi Lo Fi Muey Thai
  • Abducted GOSHone Rhyme Torrents Volume 8 CD 1
  • A letter from Snake Eyes - Part 2 (beat by Fresh Kils) Wordburglar WELCOME TO COBRA ISLAND
  • 4ums (feat. The Ranger and Kabuto The Python) Kabuto The Python Noncents Vol. 10
  • Nobody's Heartless ShinobiMC The_Shinobi_MC

Nerdcore Radio Mix from Gamebreax!

Featured Artists:

Gross Angel -

Mega Ran –

The MC Type -

Myster Wilson -

Navi -

GOSHone -

Wordburgler -

Kabuto the Python –

Shinobi MC -

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